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***Content warning*** contains nudity and blood

A document and expression of the frustration, fear, comedy, and banality of living with a female body in a culture that objectifies, sexualizes and shames those bodies.


Screened at:

  • Vox Populi AUX Performance Space, Philadelphia PA,  as part of the event Are You Comfortable curated by Ava Mallett 2015

  • LIVE/WORK exhibition at The Icebox Project Space, Philadelphia PA, 2016

  • Little Berlin, Philadelphia PA, 2016

A documentary collage of three unique identities coming together to redefine love in a polyamorous relationship.


  • Recipient of an award in documentary writing from the 2013 TriCo Film festival. Juried by Shari Frilot, Senior Programmer, Sundance Film Festival

  • Filmadelphia at the Roxy, selected for local shorts night


Associate producer, co-editor, web producer for Vicky Funari's feature documentary, currently in post-production, Pool Stories. Work in progress selected for the Spotlight On Documentaries at the 40th Annual Independent Filmmaker Project’s IFP Week. See updates on the Pool Stories website and follow the project on Facebook

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Producer for Dizhsa Nabani- a web series exploring the relationship between language and identity the Valley Zapotec community of San Jerónimo Tlacochahuaya.

  • Docs without Borders Film Festival, 2018

  • New Media Star selection Miami Web Fest, 2019


Learn more about the project and watch the entire web series on the Dizhsa Nabani website

Worked with artist Eva Wo and eight high school students to produce two videos for Mural Arts Philadelphia's program Trash Academy.

Over the course of 4 weeks in summer 2017 we made two short videos about recycling and trash in Philadelphia. Co-supervised the students and edited the final videos, Behind the Cycle and Trash Trouble.  Press: Clean PHL


music video for the song "Pearl" by King Azaz

~mischievous spirits do a little damage at the dinner table~


King Azaz bandcamp | facebook



Berlin Porn Film Festival, Berlin, Germany 

Queer Film Week, Leipzig, Germany 

Hacker Porn Film Festival, Rome, Italy

Tempt Fest Los Angeles, California 

an erotic fan fiction fantasy experiment conceived of by artist cybee bloss and myself


once again, spence and em recieve a frightening text from "a", a panoptical force that somehow knows all their secrets. however this time, A has something in store for them that'll have them cumming back for more


based in part on the tv drama pretty little liars and a freaky woodcutting by toshio saeki


portrait of herbalist and musician, Geraldine Lavin

Suntrap Botanical 


Four years after the Deepwater Horizon rig spilled 4.9 million barrels of oil into the Gulf of Mexico, WAKE meditates on the continued presence of the oil industry in southern Louisiana. By bringing together the perspectives of scientists, environmentalists, oil industry workers, and Louisiana residents, WAKE asks: What do we do with an industry that supports the livelihoods of millions of people and yet destroys the environment we all live in?


Created summer 2014 by Haverford College's Interdisciplinary Documentary Media Fellows in collaboration with Artist-in-Residence Vicky Funari and Assistant Professor of Chemistry Helen White.

commissioned work

Videographer/editor for the public art and historical research project,  Monument Lab, at Philadelphia's City Hall. 

Videographer/editor for artist residency, exhibition, and symposium titled American Rubble: Cultural Production and Historical Memory after 1989 with visiting artist Stephanie Syjuco at Haverford College, PA.

Video editor for the interdiciplinary multimedia documentary project, Troubled Waters: Tracing Waste in the Delaware River, at Haverford College, PA.

Videographer/editor for the kickstarter video for dance company Antonia and Artists, Philadelphia Fringe Festival. 

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